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Why are tires most fuel efficient when their treads are almost gone?

How does 95 lb support 5,440?

What do all those words and numbers on my sidewall mean?
What are high costs of low air pressure?

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  It’s been suggested to “break in” our steer tires on the drive axles for a short period of time because it creates a wear pattern the tire will retain for the better part of its life. Is this a viable practice or does it wear the tire just as quickly? view reply >>
> What is the difference in construction of a 14-ply tire and a 16-ply tire? And why is the air pressure so much different if the tire is made stronger?
view reply >>
> Can an 11.00R20 tire fit on a rim that generally carries a 10.00-20 tire?
Both are rear wheels.
view reply >>


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