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Truck & Bus Tires
For RV Owners: Tire Care & Usage
Do you own an RV
or travel trailer?
At surveys conducted at RV rallies and meets over the past few years, a shocking number of RVs had loads that exceeded the capacity of the tires on the vehicle. For those RV owners, that could mean rapid tire wear, excessive fuel consumption – or worse – breakdown on the road.

Bridgestone created this “how to” guide to help RV, travel trailer, mini-bus, van, light truck and ambulance owners learn how to properly weigh their vehicles and maintain their tires.

Rx for Light Trucks,
RVs, Mini-buses & Ambulances

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This brochure covers:
> Loading and underinflated tires
> Weighing your vehicle
> Determining your vehicle’s capacity
> Tire usage and care
> Repairs
> Air: your most important asset
> Protecting your asset
> Dealing with duals
> Measuring and maintaining psi
> Checking the tire air pressure
> Common terms
> How to get help

How to Weigh Your
Travel Trailer or RV


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